Learning doesn’t stop!

Learning doesn’t stop!

Despite the war that continues in the country, we continue our education, because life must go on at any moment!

Together with the continuous process of volunteer counseling, free groups and events for everyone, the Ukrainian Community of Body-Oriented Psychotherapy Professionals continues the main training course for body-oriented psychotherapy specialists.
This was the fifth workshop. And the conditions forced us to adjust to being able to study both face-to-face and online at the same time! The experience is unmatched!

The theme of the two-day seminar was work with children in a body-oriented approach. A topic that cannot be overestimated. Important, valuable, so necessary for both children and their parents!

The workshop was full of exciting new practices, challenges, skills and job opportunities.
The team of future true specialists is selective!

Thank you for the great opportunity to be a part of the important process of becoming real professionals in your field!