Education documents

Education documents

2024 – Basic course “Positive psychotherapy” (study in progress, end in 2025)
2023 – Basic course “Body-Oriented Psychotherapy”, Kiev (Ukrainian Community of Body-Oriented Psychotherapy Professionals, seminars 1-10)
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2022 – Certification Course in Emergency Psychotherapy, Warsaw

2022 — International professional conference “Trauma and the path of the soul on earth”

2020 – 2021 – Certification course “Body-Oriented Psychotherapy”, Odessa (Ukrainian Society of Professionals of Body-Oriented Psychotherapy)

2021 – Advanced training program “ACT – Therapy of Acceptance and Responsibility”, St. Petersburg

2020 – Certificate course “Basics of cognitive behavioral therapy”

2019 – Seminar-training “Fundamentals of psychological counseling”, Dnipro (Association of Family Psychology)

2018 – Practical MC “Metaphorical associative cards: dialogue with the subconscious”, Kiev

2018 – 2020 – Interregional Academy of Personnel Management”, specialty “Practical Psychology”, Dnipro

2018 – Certification course “Art Therapy”, Dnipro

2018 – Training course “Diagnostics and correction of problems with female psychogenic infertility”, Kiev

2017 – Certification course “Theory and practice of psychosomatics”, Kiev (International Association of Psychosomatics and Body Therapy)