Consultation online

Consultation online

Consultation online.

1. Psychological consultation.
Cost – 18 usd / 700 UAH / 60 minutes.

2. Psychsomatic consultation.
Cost – 25 usd / 1000 UAH / 90 minutes.

In connection with the hostilities in Ukraine, all consultations have a discount of 10%.

3. Comprehensive psychosomatic consultation – work with a medical diagnosis or a specific symptom (in the absence of a specific diagnosis)

The duration of the meeting is 2.5 hours.

Stages of work:
– research of the client’s family / ancestral history: search for possible starting points of the disease.
– regressive (intergenerational) therapy of the client’s past medical history (method of A. Tolokonin)
– repetitive scenarios in the client’s life
– illness as a reflection of emotions, patterns of behavior and reactions to what is happening.
– disease as a resource and meaning: secondary benefits, the search for healthy benefits.
– the disease as a link in the relationship.

The cost of the meeting is 80 usd (online/in person)

Subsequent meetings take place in the usual format of psychological counseling.

Psychological consultation online in any convenient video messenger is an equally effective way to achieve the desired result, compared to a live meeting. The comfortable home environment of the client often contributes to a deeper disclosure of the problem.