MAC – metaphorical associative cards are one of the progressive tools for the work of a psychologist.
I am the author of three decks of metaphorical associative cards that you, as a specialist, can purchase:

1. MAC “Path X – stories of feelings and emotions”
A bright, colorful deck of cards of a large size (10×14 cm), allowing you to work with a variety of psychological needs.

The kit includes:
– 56 picture pictures
– 10 negative emotions
– 10 positive emotions
– 12 different senses
– Instructions for use with several practical techniques and practices.

2. MAC «#FACE»
A strict laconic deck of white portraits on a black background. Pocket option.
Designed to work with the feelings and emotions of the client.
It allows you to instantly bring to the surface what is happening with the client here and now, as well as find resource states.

Includes 30 portrait drawings (different images) and an instruction card for working with the deck.

3. MAC «Have a rest!»
A set of vivid photographs of nature in conjunction with the catch phrases of wise people.
Designed for all people as a tool-tips for solving pressing issues and creating the mood for the day.
The set includes 31 photographs with a motivating inscription.

To clarify the current prices and purchase any of the decks, please contact in person.